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E.C. namedethiobiotin synthase
SpeciesEscherichia coli (Bacteria)
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CSA Homologues of 1dakThere are 15 Homologs
CSA Entries With UniProtID P13000
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MACiE Entry M0074

Literature Report

IntroductionDethiobiotin synthase is the penultimate enzyme in the biotin synthesis pathway in E. coli and other microorganisms. The enzyme catalyses the formation of the ureido ring of dethiobiotin from (7R,8S)-7,8-diaminononanic acid (DAPA) and carbon dioxide. The enzyme requires ATP and divalent cations as cofactors. The enzyme represents a third enzymatic mechanism for carboxylation reactions, after the biotin-dependent carboxylases and ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase.
MechansimDetailed mechanistic information is sparse. However, speculations can be made on the basis of site-directed mutagenesis and crystal structures. The first step in the reaction is the formation of a carbamate of the substrate DAPA. Evidence is conflicting over whether this is on the N7 or N8 position of the substrate. The second step is the formation of a carbamic-phosphoric mixed anhydride as a second intermediate, followed by ring closure. This is most likely to occur via nucleophilic attack of the activated carbamate with a substrate nitrogen, with release of inorganic phosphate.

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Literature References

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