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E.C. nameargininosuccinate lyase
SpeciesAnas platyrhynchos (Anas boschas)
E.C. Number (IntEnz)
CSA Homologues of 1auwThere are 46 Homologs
CSA Entries With UniProtID P24058
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Literature Report

IntroductionArgininosuccinate lyase (ASL), the enzyme homologue of delta-crystallin, is ubiquitous in all organisms, where it is involved in the biosynthesis of arginine. It catalyses the conversion of L-argininosuccinate to arginine and fumarate.
MechansimThe enzyme catalyses a beta-elimination reaction through a general acid/base mechanism. A histidine residue abstracts a proton from the substrate, forming a carbanion intermediate. Redistribution of negative charge into the carboxyl group generates the aci-carboxylate intermediate. The aci-acid or carbanion intermediates provide the driving force for the expulsion of the fumarate group. The general acid helps the final C-N bond cleavage by donating a proton to the substrate.

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Annotated By Reference To The Literature - Site 1 (Perform Site Search)
ResidueChainNumberUniProtKB NumberFunctional PartFunctionTargetDescription
LysA287289macie:sideChainNeutralises the negative charge on the carbanion intermediate.
GluA294296macie:sideChainActs as a general acid to promote substrate cleavage. Also increases the nucleophilicity of His160.
HisC160162macie:sideChainActs as general base to abstract a proton from C-9 of the substrate.

Literature References

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