Europe PMC contains about 30 million abstracts (including PubMed, patents, and Agricola records) and over 3 million full text life science research articles. Of these full text articles, over 1M are available for reuse and can be downloaded from the Europe PMC FTP site. As well as a sophisticated search and retrieval across all this content, it provides information on how many times the articles have been cited and by whom, links to related data resources, and text-mined terms. Via Europe PMC labs, integrated text-mining tools are showcased via Europe PMC labs. PIs on grants awarded by the 27 Europe PMC Funders can use the ‘Europe PMC plus’ site to self-deposit full text articles and link those articles to the grant that supported the work.

Team members

Johanna McEntyre
Florian Graef
Yuci Gou