Ensembl produces and maintains evidence-based automatic annotation and incorporates manually curated annotation on selected eukaryotic genomes. Our annotation is based on mRNA, protein and functional genomics information. Ensembl provides valuable insights into variation within and between species, and allows users to compare whole genomes to identify conserved elements. It is integrated with several other important molecular resources, including UniProt, and can be accessed programmatically. Ensembl collaborates with genome sequencing centres and annotation groups around the world.

Team members

Paul Flicek
Mateus Patricio
Rishi Nag
Fergal Martin
Amonida Zadissa
Emily Perry
Thomas Juettemann
Magali Ruffier
Harpreet Riat
Thibaut Hourlier
Anne Lyle
Daniel Murphy
Kostas Billis
Bronwen Aken
Ridwan Amode
Stephen Trevanion
Dan Sheppard
Carlos Garcia Giron
Sarah Hunt
Anja Thormann
Andy Yates
Steven Wilder
Stephen Keenan
Giulietta Spudich
Stephen Fitzgerald
Daniel Zerbino
Nathan Johnson
Fiona Cunningham
Leo Gordon
Miguel Pignatelli
Matthieu Muffato
Kieron Taylor
Laurent Gil
Thomas Maurel
William McLaren
Alessandro Vullo
Denise Carvalho-Silva