Ensembl—a joint project of EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute—provides genome resources for sequenced chordate genomes with a particular focus on human, mouse, zebrafish and rat. The project provides evidenced-based gene sets, large-scale whole genome multiple species alignments, variation and regulatory annotation. Ensembl data is accessible through the genome browser and through other tools and programmatic interfaces.

Team members

Paul Flicek
Magali Ruffier
Joannella Morales
Sarah Hunt
David Richardson
Denise Carvalho-Silva
Jeremy Mason
Anja Thormann
Emily Perry
Carlos Garcia Giron
Bronwen Aken
Anne Lyle
Stephen Trevanion
Fergal Martin
Amonida Zadissa
Avik Datta
Ian Streeter
Matthieu Muffato
Andy Yates
Phil Wilkinson
Steven Wilder
Giulietta Spudich
Stephen Fitzgerald
Daniel Zerbino
Nathan Johnson
Stephen Keenan
Fiona Cunningham
Laurent Gil
Miguel Pignatelli
Thomas Maurel
Chao-Kung Chen
Leo Gordon
William McLaren
Kieron Taylor