The Ensembl project, founded in 1999 to support the results of the Human Genome Project, supports over 80 vertebrate species and provides resources such as reference gene sets, whole genome alignments, gene homology annotation, gene sequence alignments, variant annotation and regulatory regions. Many of these datasets have been adopted as authoritative references within the scientific community.

Team members

Paul Flicek
Daniel Zerbino
Carlos Garcia Giron
Dan Sheppard
Ridwan Amode
Stephen Trevanion
Harpreet Riat
Rishi Nag
Fergal Martin
Bronwen Aken
Thibaut Hourlier
Ilias Lavidas
Matthew Laird
Benjamin Moore
Helen Sparrow
Jyothish Bhai
Wasiu Akanni
Carla Cummins
Mateus Patricio
Daniel Murphy
Kostas Billis
Anne Lyle
Brandon Walts
Alessandro Vullo
Thomas Maurel
Mark McDowall
William McLaren
Leo Gordon
Andy Yates
Stephen Keenan
Fiona Cunningham
Laurent Gil
Matthieu Muffato
Thomas Juettemann
Magali Ruffier
Emily Perry
ChuangKee Ong
Sarah Hunt
Kieron Taylor
Denise Carvalho-Silva
Anja Thormann
Amonida Zadissa