The ENA provides globally comprehensive primary data repositories for nucleotide sequencing information. ENA content spans raw sequence reads, assembly and alignment information and functional annotation of assembled sequences and genomes. ENA’s palette of services is provided over the web and through a powerful programmatic interface. ENA data and services form a core foundation upon which scientific understanding of biological systems has been assembled. With ongoing focus on data presentation, integration within ENA, integration with resources external to ENA, tools provision and services development, our commitment is to the utility of ENA content and achieving the broadest reach of sequencing applications.

Team members

Guy Cochrane
Xin Liu
Clara Amid
Daniel Vaughan
Dmitriy Smirnov
Blaise Alako
Simon Kay
Nicole Silvester
Ana Toribio
Marc Rossello
Nima Pakseresht
Vadim Zalunin
Petra Ten Hoopen
Richard Gibson
Neil Goodgame
Swapna Pallreddy
Ana Cerdeño-Tárraga
Iain Cleland
Rasko Leinonen