EBI Search is a scalable, text search engine that provides easy and uniform access to the biological data resources hosted at the EMBL-EBI. It searches nucleotide and protein sequences at both the genomic and proteomic levels, structures (from chemicals to macro-molecular complexes), gene-expression experiments, and binary-level molecular interactions as well as reaction maps and pathway models, functional classifications, biological ontologies, and comprehensive literature libraries covering the biomedical sciences and related intellectual property. EBI Search results provides easy inter-domain navigation via a network of cross-references. It can be accessed via the web or programmatically using a SOAP Web Services interface. This allows its search and retrieval capabilities to be exploited in workflows and analytical pipelines. For more information, see the EBI Search help & documentation section.

Team members

Silvano Squizzato
Youngmi Park
Tamer Gur
Nicola Buso