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close iconSBO:0000000 - sbo term
close iconisa iconSBO:0000236 - entity
open iconisa iconSBO:0000248 - chemical macromolecule
open iconisa iconSBO:0000014 - enzyme
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000242 - functional entity
open iconisa iconSBO:0000241 - functional entity
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000243 - gene
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000514 - hopefully the final test (3)
open iconisa iconSBO:0000246 - information macromolecule
open iconisa iconSBO:0000245 - macromolecule
open iconisa iconSBO:0000240 - material entity
open iconisa iconSBO:0000278 - messenger RNA
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000516 - new child test
open iconisa iconSBO:0000253 - non-covalent complex
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000252 - polypeptide chain
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000249 - polysaccharide
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000511 - previous unsucessful test
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000515 - private child message test
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000244 - receptor
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000250 - ribonucleic acid
open iconisa iconSBO:0000247 - simple chemical
leaf iconisa iconSBO:0000512 - this is a new child to be created
open iconisa iconSBO:0000231 - interaction.
open iconisa iconSBO:0000064 - mathematical expression
open iconisa iconSBO:0000004 - modelling framework
open iconisa iconSBO:0000003 - participant role
open iconisa iconSBO:0000002 - quantitative parameter


isa icon "is a" relationship