SBO::Web Services

Java Library

In order to communicate with the SBO Web Services in a Java program, you can use the library below (distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License). Two versions are provided:

Here are the dependencies:

Note: you can find the latest version of each of these packages on their official web site.


The Javadoc API for these methods can be found here.

The full WSDL documentation can be found here [HTML][Download as a PDF]

WDSL file

This WSDL was generated using Axis tools to fulfill the following interface contract:

  public interface SBOProvider  {
      public java.lang.String sayHi(java.lang.String in0);
      public getTermById(int in0);
      public[] searchPossibleCompletions(java.lang.String in0);
      public[] getTree(int in0);
      public[] searchTermSynonyms(java.lang.String in0);
      public[] searchTermDetails(java.lang.String in0);
      public[] searchTermMath(java.lang.String in0);
      public[] searchTermName(java.lang.String in0);
      public[] getTermsByIds(int[] in0);
      public java.lang.String getTermByIdOWL(int in0);
      public java.lang.String searchPossibleCompletionsOWL(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String getTreeOWL(int in0);
      public java.lang.String searchTermSynonymsOWL(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String searchTermDetailsOWL(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String searchTermMathOWL(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String searchTermNameOWL(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String getTermsByIdsOWL(int[] in0);
      public java.lang.String searchOWL(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String getStringTermById(int in0);
      public java.lang.String[] searchStringPossibleCompletions(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String[] getStringTree(int in0);
      public java.lang.String[] searchStringTermSynonyms(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String[] searchStringTermDetails(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String[] searchStringTermMath(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String[] searchStringTermName(java.lang.String in0);
      public java.lang.String[] getStringTermsByIds(int[] in0);
      public java.lang.String[] searchString(java.lang.String in0);
      public boolean isDirectChildOf(int in0, int in1);
      public boolean isChildOf(int in0, int in1);
      public boolean isObsolete(int in0);
      public[] search(java.lang.String in0);
      public boolean isRoot(int in0);

Web Services client

Here are samples programs showing how to use the SBOWSLib:

  • client getting the java objects Term [code]
  • client getting the string Term [code]
  • client getting the OWL format of Terms (as a string) [code]

Note: You may need to change the endpoint adress in the client to point towards the right version of the webservices:

  • to access the MAIN version:
    //set endpoint adress service.setSBOQueryEndpointAddress("")
  • to access the DEMO version:
    //set endpoint adress service.setSBOQueryEndpointAddress("")


This version of the library is a beta. You are welcome to inform us of any special features found.