All data in Rhea is freely accessible and available for anyone to use.

Available formats:

  • BioPAX level 2: BioPAX is a collaborative effort to create a data exchange format for biological pathway data. It is written in OWL RDF/XML.
    Download Rhea in Biopax format: BioPAX
  • RXN: one of MDL's CTfiles (chemical table files) formats.
    RXN files represent unidirectional processes. For this reason, undefined directions and bidirectional reactions have been excluded from the export.
    Rhea is available for download either as individual RXN files or as a compressed package.
    Download Rhea in RXN format: RXN
  • RD: another chemical table file format by MDL.
    An RD file (reaction-data file) consists of a set of records, each one of them defining a reaction - in RXN format - and any associated data.
    Rhea is available for download either as one single RD file or as individual files for every directional reaction in the database.
    Download Rhea in RD format: RD
  • TSV: Rhea cross-references to other databases are available as tab-separated values files.
    Download Rhea cross references in TSV format: TSV
  • Rhea compounds: The 2D structures of chemical compounds used in Rhea are available for download either as individual molfiles or as a SDF file.
    The molfile consists of some header information, the Connection Table (CT) containing atom info, then bond connections and types, followed by sections for more complex information.
    Download Rhea in MOL format: MOL

    Download Rhea in SDF format: SDF