Minimum information about a bioactive entity (MIABE).

TitleMinimum information about a bioactive entity (MIABE).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsOrchard S, Al-Lazikani B, Bryant S, Clark D, Calder E, Dix I, Engkvist O, Forster M, Gaulton A, Gilson M, Glen R, Grigorov M, Hammond-Kosack K, Harland L, Hopkins A, Larminie C, Lynch N, Mann RK, Murray-Rust P, Piparo ELo, Southan C, Steinbeck C, Wishart D, Hermjakob H, Overington J, Thornton JM
JournalNat Rev Drug Discov
Date PublishedSep
KeywordsAnimals, Biological Markers, Chemical Industry, Chemistry, Communication, Data Collection, Drug Design, Drug Industry, Guidelines as Topic, Humans, Information Dissemination, Pesticides, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Pharmacokinetics, Physical, standards, Terminology as Topic, Toxicology
AbstractBioactive molecules such as drugs, pesticides and food additives are produced in large numbers by many commercial and academic groups around the world. Enormous quantities of data are generated on the biological properties and quality of these molecules. Access to such data - both on licensed and commercially available compounds, and also on those that fail during development - is crucial for understanding how improved molecules could be developed. For example, computational analysis of aggregated data on molecules that are investigated in drug discovery programmes has led to a greater understanding of the properties of successful drugs. However, the information required to perform these analyses is rarely published, and when it is made available it is often missing crucial data or is in a format that is inappropriate for efficient data-mining. Here, we propose a solution: the definition of reporting guidelines for bioactive entities - the Minimum Information About a Bioactive Entity (MIABE) - which has been developed by representatives of pharmaceutical companies, data resource providers and academic groups.