EBI RDFApp Competition - win an iPad Mini!

Winner announced!

Congratulations to Dominik Schweiger of Innsbruck Medical University who has won our EBI RDFApp competition with his idea for a graphical interface for querying the data. You can find an implementation of his work at http://sparqlgraph.i-med.ac.at/ 


Below is the original call, the competition is now closed.

At this year's SWAT4LS in Edinburgh, we will host a competition to look for the best RDFApp idea. The winner will receive an iPad mini* SWAT4LS Logo

We are looking for innovative ideas which describe focused, use case driven applications and which use at least one of the EBI RDF servicesThe EBI RDF offers data on genes and gene expression, proteins (with SIB), pathways, samples, biomodels and molecules with drug-like properties. You can also use as many external data sources, resources or applications as you wish. The target user for your App should be someone working in the life sciences such as a bioinformatician or bench biologist (not an RDF specialist). The App should focus on one or two use cases and not be hugely expansive (e.g. an App which requires turning all of a hospitals records into RDF will not win).

To participate, simply email your idea to rdf-req@ebi.ac.uk with the subject 'RDFApp' including the following sections:

  1. RDFApp Name and your name, contact information and organisation (if applicable)

  2. Description of the App idea, what it does, which bits of the EBI RDF it uses and any other data or technology it uses

  3. The benefit of the App to the end user who should be someone working in the life sciences, such as bench scientists, data scientists or bioinformaticians

  4. Any example queries or code you are able to demonstrate (please include a link or show us during the SWAT4LS Hackathon) will be considered an advantage

*or at your request an appropriate substitute such as Nexus