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Shotgun proteomics study on Cabernet sauvignon cells exposed to hot and cold temperature stresses
Species: Vitis vinifera (Grape)
Project description: temperature stress on cultured Cabernet sauvignon cells. The aim of this quantitative label-free shotgun (More)
Made public: 2015-05-27
Modulation of cell metabolic pathways and oxidative stress signaling contribute to acquired melphalan resistance in multiple myeloma cells
Species: Homo sapiens (Human)
Project description: metabolism and modulated oxidative stress signaling. Inhibitors targeting specific enzymes in these pathways (More)
Made public: 2015-05-26
Proteomics Analysis of Soybean Hypocotyl during Recovery after Flooding Stress
Species: Glycine max (Soybean) (Glycine hispida)
Project description: Soybean (Glycine max L. cv Enrei) seeds were sterilized with 2% (More)
Made public: 2015-05-26
Proteomics analysis of dorsal striatum reveals changes in synaptosomal proteins following ethamphetamine self-administration in rats
Species: Oryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit)
Project description: changes in stress-induced phosphoprotein and protein Tppp, which have not previously been associated with (More)
Made public: 2015-05-06
S. cerevisiae subjected to prolonged heat stress of 37 ÂșC
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast)
Project description: Differential proteome composition of wild-type yeast cells (S. c (More)
Made public: 2015-04-23
Large yellow croaker skin mucus proteome
Species: Larimichthys crocea (Large yellow croaker) (Pseudosciaena crocea)
Project description: , highlighting its importance in response to stress. (More)
Made public: 2015-04-17
Shotgun proteomic analysis of embryonic axis of soybean seeds during germination under salt stress
Species: Glycine max (Soybean) (Glycine hispida)
Project description: were involved in three major functions, namely stress response and defense, protein turnover and (More)
Made public: 2015-04-07
Analysis of the Candida albicans phosphoproteome
Species: Candida albicans (Yeast)
Project description: processes related to virulence, stress resistance, and cell wall structure are also highly regulated. Based (More)
Made public: 2015-03-25
Proteome response in maize to methyl jasmonate
Species: Zea mays (Maize)
Project description: Jasmonic acid (JA) and methyl jasmonate (MeJA) regulate plant development, resistance to stress (More)
Made public: 2015-03-25
The dynamics of protein-bound methionine oxidation events in Arabidopsis thaliana during oxidative stress
Species: Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress)
Project description: perceive oxidative stress and function in redox signalling. Identification of proteins with oxidized (More)
Made public: 2015-03-24

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Showing 31 - 40 of 110 results