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The redoxproteome: protein nitrosylation and glutathionylation as regulatory mechanisms during plant defense responses to pathogens
Species: Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress)
Project description: infection belonged to different groups including those of oxidative stress defence, enzymes of metabolic (More)
Made public: 2011-10-19
Eucalyptus globulus-root proteome
Species: Eucalyptus globulus (Blue gum)
Project description: treatment (osmotic versus control condition) and/or stress duration (3h versus 36h), and were further (More)
Made public: 2010-10-21
A novel pulse-chase SILAC strategy measures changes in protein decay and synthesis rates induced by perturbation of proteostasis with an Hsp90 inhibitor.
Species: Homo sapiens (Human)
Project description: to lead to increased synthesis of stress response proteins as well as the increased decay of Hsp90 (More)
Made public: 2013-12-10
DJ-1 as high-fat diet associated protein
Species: Mus musculus (Mouse)
Project description: stress. We hypothesize that DJ-1 is a common physiological sensor involved in both nutrition-induced (More)
Made public: 2014-03-26
System-wide perturbation analysis with nearly complete coverage of the yeast proteome by single-shot ultra HPLC runs on a bench top Orbitrap
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast)
Project description: , stress-related pathways were up-regulated. The proteomic technology described here is straightforward (More)
Made public: 2013-08-09
Arabidopsis nanodomain-delimited ABA signaling pathway regulates the anion channnel SLAH3
Species: Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress)
Project description: plant response to drought stress. Hence, ABA-dependent gene transcription and ion transport is regulated (More)
Made public: 2013-05-02
Proteomic Change Associated with Flooding Injury of Soybean
Species: Glycine max (Soybean) (Glycine hispida)
Project description: injury, proteomic alterations in soybean seedlings that correlated with severity of stress were analyzed (More)
Made public: 2013-12-10
LC-MS/MS of gingiva and Periodontal ligaments
Species: Homo sapiens (Human)
Project description: stress and maintaining tissue homeostasis during regeneration and remineralization. Method Details (More)
Made public: 2013-11-18
Arabidopsis thaliana Cytochrome c Novel Partners Identification by LTQ
Species: Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress)
Project description: scale. In plants, it is necessary for development and for the hypersensitive response to stress or (More)
Made public: 2013-11-11
Short cationic antimicrobial peptide RWRWRW-NH2 inhibits cell wall biosynthesis and bacterial respiration by delocalizing essential membrane proteins
Species: Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168
Project description: limitation and cell wall integrity is corrupted. Bacteria react to this peptide stress by adjusting the (More)
Made public: 2014-03-06