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Peatland Soil Community Proteomics
Species: unidentified soil organism
Project description: These samples were collected from Stordalen Mire in Abisko Swede (More)
Made public: 2014-02-03
Metaproteomics of leaf-litter decomposer communities
Project description: Not available (More)
Made public: 2012-07-16
Combined personal saliva proteome and microbioproteome
Species: Homo sapiens (Human)
Project description: Human saliva samples from a 36 year old male were analyzed with (More)
Made public: 2012-03-15
Metaproteomics of Lobaria pulmonaria
Species: Lobaria pulmonaria
Project description: Not available (More)
Made public: 2011-05-05
Metaproteomics of Microbial Phyllosphere Communities
Project description: replicate 2 (More)
Made public: 2009-12-01