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Protein Count Peptide Count Unique Peptide Count Total Spectrum Count Identified Spectrum Count
149 903 625 833 833



Human blood platelets, untreated, secreted protein fraction

Short Label


Experimental Factor

Not available


Christopher Gerner, Medical University of Vienna


Model Source Analyzer Detector
Agilent XCT Ultra Electrospray Ionization
Resolution Type : Proportional
Final MS Exponent : 2
Mass Resolution : 0.6
Scan Rate : 26000
Ion Trap
Isolation Width : 4.0
Resolution Method : Full Width at Half-Maximum
Polarity Mode : Positive
Electron Multiplier

Additional Details

Name Value
Project A Combined Proteomic and Genetic Analysis of the Highly Variable Platelet Proteome: From Plasmatic Proteins and SNPs
Original MS data file format Spectrum Mill
Experiment description Platelets were isolated from full blood by mild centrifugation (50g) and plasma proteins were removed by washing with tyrode-buffer
XML generation software SpectrumMill PRIDE WebConverter v.0.1
sample_fraction_id 1330_411

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