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Protein Count Peptide Count Unique Peptide Count Total Spectrum Count Identified Spectrum Count
47 243 171 0 0



HUPO Plasma Proteome Project, Lab # 43 Expt # 59

Short Label

HUPO PPP Lab #43 Expt #59

Experimental Factor

Not available


HUPO PPP Project Consortium Lab Number 43, Laboratory Number 43


Not available


Not available


Model Source Analyzer Detector
applied biosystems / mds sciex 4700 proteomics analyzer Vendor : applied biosystems / mds sciex
Model : 4700 proteomics analyzer
SourceType : maldi
No Analyzer Components Listed

Additional Details

Name Value
Experiment description maldi-tof-tof survey of tryptic peptides from HUPO pooled Human plasma or serum specimen: b1-hep.
Project HUPO Plasma Proteome Project