PRIDE Archive - proteomics data repository

The PRIDE PRoteomics IDEntifications database is a centralized, standards compliant, public data repository for proteomics data, including protein and peptide identifications, post-translational modifications and supporting spectral evidence.


  • 2039 projects
  • 36714 assays

Submit data

Submit data: we welcome direct submissions of MS/MS proteomics datasets.

ProteomeXchange: accepts both MS/MS proteomics submissions and SRM submissions. PRIDE is the official entry point for MS/MS proteomics submissions.

Access data

Browse: explore all public datasets currently available in our repository.

BioMart: use PRIDE BioMart for custom queries, such as linking PRIDE identifications to REACTOME pathways

FTP: data can be downloaded directly from our FTP site.


PRIDE Inspector: a desktop application for visualizinig and analyzing MS dataset, such as: mzML, mzIdentML, PRIDE XML.

PRIDE Converter: converts common mass spectrometry data formats into PRIDE XML.


Sep 15
Uncovering Global SUMOylation Signaling Networks in a Site-Specific Manner link PXD001061 link
Sep 12
44 novel protein-coding loci discovered using a PIT approach in rat male germ cells link PXD000872 link
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