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Transferase PDB id
Protein chain
297 a.a. *
Waters ×221
* Residue conservation analysis
PDB id:
Name: Transferase
Title: Insulin receptor kinase complexed with an inhibitor
Structure: Insulin receptor. Chain: a. Fragment: kinase domain. Synonym: ir, insulin receptor subunit alpha, insulin recept beta. Engineered: yes. Mutation: yes
Source: Homo sapiens. Human. Organism_taxid: 9606. Gene: insr. Expressed in: spodoptera frugiperda. Expression_system_taxid: 7108.
2.20Å     R-factor:   0.214     R-free:   0.274
Authors: S.Chamberlain,C.Atkins,F.Deanda,M.Dumble,R.Gerding,A.Groy, S.Korenchuk,R.Kumar,H.Lei,R.Mook,G.Moorthy,A.Redman,J.Rowla L.Shewchuk
Key ref: S.D.Chamberlain et al. (2009). Optimization of 4,6-bis-anilino-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine IGF-1R tyrosine kinase inhibitors towards JNK selectivity. Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 19, 360-364. PubMed id: 19071018 DOI: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2008.11.077
19-Sep-08     Release date:   30-Dec-08    
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Protein chain
Pfam   ArchSchema ?
P06213  (INSR_HUMAN) -  Insulin receptor
1382 a.a.
297 a.a.*
Key:    PfamA domain  Secondary structure  CATH domain
* PDB and UniProt seqs differ at 2 residue positions (black crosses)

 Gene Ontology (GO) functional annotation 
  GO annot!
  Cellular component     membrane   1 term 
  Biological process     transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway   2 terms 
  Biochemical function     transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups     4 terms  


DOI no: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2008.11.077 Bioorg Med Chem Lett 19:360-364 (2009)
PubMed id: 19071018  
Optimization of 4,6-bis-anilino-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine IGF-1R tyrosine kinase inhibitors towards JNK selectivity.
S.D.Chamberlain, A.M.Redman, J.W.Wilson, F.Deanda, J.B.Shotwell, R.Gerding, H.Lei, B.Yang, K.L.Stevens, A.M.Hassell, L.M.Shewchuk, M.A.Leesnitzer, J.L.Smith, P.Sabbatini, C.Atkins, A.Groy, J.L.Rowand, R.Kumar, R.A.Mook, G.Moorthy, S.Patnaik.
The SAR of C5' functional groups with terminal basic amines at the C6 aniline of 4,6-bis-anilino-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidines is reported. Examples demonstrate potent inhibition of IGF-1R with 1000-fold selectivity over JNK1 and 3 in enzymatic assays.

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