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Electron transport PDB id
Protein chain
127 a.a. *
Waters ×167
* Residue conservation analysis
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Name: Electron transport
Title: Structure of a water soluble fragment of the rieske iron- sulfur protein of the bovine heart mitochondrial cytochrome bc1-complex
Structure: Rieske iron-sulfur protein. Chain: a. Fragment: soluble fragment. Synonym: ubiquinol-cytochromE C reductase iron-sulfur. Ec:
Source: Bos taurus. Cattle. Organism_taxid: 9913. Organ: heart. Organelle: mitochondria
1.50Å     R-factor:   0.187     R-free:   0.211
Authors: S.Iwata,M.Saynovits,T.A.Link,H.Michel
Key ref:
S.Iwata et al. (1996). Structure of a water soluble fragment of the 'Rieske' iron-sulfur protein of the bovine heart mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex determined by MAD phasing at 1.5 A resolution. Structure, 4, 567-579. PubMed id: 8736555 DOI: 10.1016/S0969-2126(96)00062-7
23-Feb-96     Release date:   07-Dec-96    
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Protein chain
Pfam   ArchSchema ?
P13272  (UCRI_BOVIN) -  Cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit Rieske, mitochondrial
274 a.a.
127 a.a.
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 Enzyme reactions 
   Enzyme class: E.C.  - Quinol--cytochrome-c reductase.
[IntEnz]   [ExPASy]   [KEGG]   [BRENDA]
      Reaction: Quinol + 2 ferricytochrome c = quinone + 2 ferrocytochrome c + 2 H+
+ 2 × ferricytochrome c
= quinone
+ 2 × ferrocytochrome c
+ 2 × H(+)
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 Gene Ontology (GO) functional annotation 
  GO annot!
  Cellular component     membrane   1 term 
  Biological process     oxidation-reduction process   1 term 
  Biochemical function     oxidoreductase activity     4 terms  


DOI no: 10.1016/S0969-2126(96)00062-7 Structure 4:567-579 (1996)
PubMed id: 8736555  
Structure of a water soluble fragment of the 'Rieske' iron-sulfur protein of the bovine heart mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex determined by MAD phasing at 1.5 A resolution.
S.Iwata, M.Saynovits, T.A.Link, H.Michel.
BACKGROUND: The 'Rieske' iron-sulfur protein is the primary electron acceptor during hydroquinone oxidation in cytochrome bc complexes. The spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of the 'Rieske' [2Fe-2S] cluster differ significantly from those of other iron-sulfur clusters. A 129-residue water soluble fragment containing the intact [2Fe-2S] cluster was isolated following proteolytic digestion of the bc1 complex and used for structural studies. RESULTS: The structure of the Rieske iron-sulfur fragment containing the reduced [2Fe-2S] cluster has been determined using the multiwavelength anomalous diffraction (MAD) technique and refined at 1.5 A resolution. The fragment has a novel overall fold that includes three sheets of beta strands. The iron atoms of the [2Fe-2S] cluster are coordinated by two cysteine (Fe-1) and two histidine (Fe-2) residues, respectively, with the histidine ligands completely exposed to the solvent. This is in contrast to the four cysteine coordination pattern observed in previously characterised [2Fe-2S] ferredoxins. The cluster-binding fold is formed by two loops connected by a disulfide bridge; these loops superpose with the metal-binding loops of rubredoxins. The environment of the cluster is stabilised by an extensive hydrogen-bond network. CONCLUSIONS: The high-resolution structure supports the proposed coordination pattern involving histidine ligands and provides a basis for a detailed analysis of the spectroscopic and electrochemical properties. As the cluster is located at the tip of the protein, it might come into close contact with cytochrome b. The exposed N epsilon atoms of the histidine ligands of the cluster are readily accessible to quinones and inhibitors within the hydroquinone oxidation (QP) pocket of the bc1 complex and may undergo redox-dependent protonation/deprotonation.
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Figure 3.
Figure 3. Topology of the ISF. The hydrogen-bond pattern and secondary structure assignment are indicated. The residues conserved in all known Rieske iron–sulfur proteins from cytochrome bc[1] complexes are printed in red. The outlined characters denote residues missing in Rieske iron–sulfur protein from the cytochrome b[6]^f complex. Metal ligands and residues that form a disulfide bridge are colored yellow and green, respectively. Figure 3. Topology of the ISF. The hydrogen-bond pattern and secondary structure assignment are indicated. The residues conserved in all known Rieske iron–sulfur proteins from cytochrome bc[1] complexes are printed in red. The outlined characters denote residues missing in Rieske iron–sulfur protein from the cytochrome b[6]^f complex. Metal ligands and residues that form a disulfide bridge are colored yellow and green, respectively.
Figure 6.
Figure 6. Electrostatic surface properties of the ISF. Molecular surface of ISF color-coded by electrostatic potential: red, negative; blue, positive. The extreme ranges of red and blue represent electrostatic potentials of −5 and +5 k[B]T, respectively (k[B], Boltzmann constant; T, temperature). The view shows the same orientation as Figure 2a. The figure was generated using the program GRASP [50]. Figure 6. Electrostatic surface properties of the ISF. Molecular surface of ISF color-coded by electrostatic potential: red, negative; blue, positive. The extreme ranges of red and blue represent electrostatic potentials of −5 and +5 k[B]T, respectively (k[B], Boltzmann constant; T, temperature). The view shows the same orientation as [3]Figure 2a. The figure was generated using the program GRASP [4][50].
  The above figures are reprinted by permission from Cell Press: Structure (1996, 4, 567-579) copyright 1996.  
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