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Transcription termination PDB id
Protein chain
125 a.a. *
Waters ×115
* Residue conservation analysis
PDB id:
Name: Transcription termination
Title: Crystal structure of the RNA-binding domain of the transcriptional terminator protein rho
Structure: Rho. Chain: a. Fragment: RNA binding domain, residues 1 - 130. Engineered: yes
Source: Escherichia coli bl21(de3). Organism_taxid: 469008. Strain: bl21 (de3). Cell_line: bl21. Expressed in: escherichia coli bl21(de3). Expression_system_taxid: 469008.
1.55Å     R-factor:   0.216     R-free:   0.250
Authors: T.J.Allison,T.C.Wood,D.M.Briercheck,F.Rastinejad, J.P.Richardson,G.S.Rule
Key ref: T.J.Allison et al. (1998). Crystal structure of the RNA-binding domain from transcription termination factor rho. Nat Struct Biol, 5, 352-356. PubMed id: 9586995
05-Mar-98     Release date:   17-Jun-98    
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Protein chain
Pfam   ArchSchema ?
P0AG30  (RHO_ECOLI) -  Transcription termination factor Rho
419 a.a.
125 a.a.
Key:    PfamA domain  Secondary structure  CATH domain

 Gene Ontology (GO) functional annotation 
  GO annot!
  Biological process     transcription termination, DNA-dependent   1 term 
  Biochemical function     nucleic acid binding     2 terms  


Nat Struct Biol 5:352-356 (1998)
PubMed id: 9586995  
Crystal structure of the RNA-binding domain from transcription termination factor rho.
T.J.Allison, T.C.Wood, D.M.Briercheck, F.Rastinejad, J.P.Richardson, G.S.Rule.
Transcription termination factor rho is an ATP-dependent hexameric helicase found in most eubacterial species. The Escherichia coli rho monomer consists of two domains, an RNA-binding domain (residues 1-130) and an ATPase domain (residues 131-419). The ATPase domain is homologous to the beta subunit of F1-ATPase. Here, we report that the crystal structure of the RNA-binding domain of rho (rho130) at 1.55 A confirms that rho130 contains the oligosaccharide/oligonucleotide-binding (OB) fold, a five stranded beta-barrel. The beta-barrel of rho130 is also surprisingly similar to the N-terminal beta-barrel of F1 ATPase, extending the applicability of F1 ATPase as a structural model for hexameric rho.

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