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DNA-RNA hybrid PDB id
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Name: DNA-RNA hybrid
Title: DNA duplexes flanked by hybrid duplexes: the solution structure of chimeric junctions in
Structure: DNA/RNA (5'-r( Cp Gp Cp G)- d(p Tp Ap Tp Ap Cp Gp Cp G)-3'). Chain: a, b. Engineered: yes
Source: Synthetic: yes. Other_details: chemically synthesized
NMR struc: 1 models
Authors: L.Zhu,M.Salazar,B.R.Reid
Key ref:
L.Zhu et al. (1995). DNA duplexes flanked by hybrid duplexes: the solution structure of chimeric junctions in [r(cgcg)d(TATACGCG)]2. Biochemistry, 34, 2372-2380. PubMed id: 7857947
16-Dec-94     Release date:   31-Mar-95    


Biochemistry 34:2372-2380 (1995)
PubMed id: 7857947  
DNA duplexes flanked by hybrid duplexes: the solution structure of chimeric junctions in [r(cgcg)d(TATACGCG)]2.
L.Zhu, M.Salazar, B.R.Reid.
Hybrid duplexes and chimeric duplexes containing hybrid segments linked to pure DNA (or pure RNA) segments are involved in transcription and replication, as well as reverse transcription. A complete understanding of the mechanism of these processes requires detailed information on such duplexes and the junctions between duplexes of differing structure. Using two-dimensional NMR, restrained molecular dynamics and mechanics, and back-calculation refinement against the nuclear Overhauser effect spectra at various mixing times, we have determined the solution structure of the chimeric duplex [r(cgcg)d-(TATACGCG)]2 containing a pure DNA segment in the center of a hybrid duplex. The solution structure differs from the previously determined X-ray structure of the analogous duplex [r(gcg)d(TATACGC)]2, which was found to be A-form throughout [Wang, A.H.-J., et al. (1982) Nature 299, 601-604]. The basic features of the solution structure are (a) the RNA residues are all A-form with C3'-endo sugar conformations, (b) the central DNA segment is B-form, (c) the transition from A-form RNA sugar conformations to B-form DNA sugar conformations involves only the dT5 base step, and (d) although the sugar conformations of the DNA residues A6-G12 are closer to B-form, the basic helical properties of the peripheral RNA.DNA hybrid segments are closer to typical A-form than to B-form.

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PDB codes: 1dhh 1drn
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