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On the Sources tab of CcpNmr ECI, it is possible to add information about how your polymeric molecules were made and the actual biological origin of each polymer. In the top frame, you can add and remove experimental source information. If the molecule was made using recombinant techniques, you can also specify which organism was used from a list of common source organisms and information about the vector used. If the molecule was chemically synthesised (or was produced from other methods) you can specify the organism as None.

In the bottom frame, you can add the biological source of each polymer, such as the organism type, the common and scientific names of the originating organism with the gene name that the polymer was derived from. There is a choice of about 300 common organisms for you to choose from ordered by domain (one of the three primary lineages) in a categorised alphabetically ordered pulldown menu. Based on the the choice you make, ECI will attempt to add a common name, which you can then edit if you still wish to.

For both types of sources, you can automatically add sources for all the polymers in your "MolSystem" with the "Add Polymer Experimental/Natural Sources" buttons. Both frames also allow many more details to be specified such as strain, variant, cell type, etc.

The Sources tab.

The top frame is for experimental sources and the bottom frame is for biological sources.