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In the References tab of CcpNmr ECI, you can add citation and software information.


In this frame, you can add different types of publications relating to your NMR study. There are buttons that allow you to add the standard types of publication (Journal, Book, Thesis, Conference Abstract). For the different types of citations, different fields are editable (shown by the small "E" at the bottom left of the field). If it is the first citation to be added, then it will be set as the primary citation for your study. There is also a "Submit?" pulldown menu to specify which is the primary reference and which other references should also be submitted - the primary reference is shown in light green and other references are shown in dark green.

You can then select the authors for this citation by double clicking in that field. A widget will allow you to add as many authors as you wish (by pressing the + button to add more authors or the - button to remove them) and in the correct order as found in the original publication. You can finish your author selection using the tick button or cancel your choice with the cross button. The authors you can add are those from the People tab. If you need to add more people for you citation, then you can go back to the People tab to add them there. A similar procedure can be used to add any editors for the publication as, for example, editors are mandatory for books submitted to AutoDep.

You can add a title for the citation in the text box and, for journals, select the journal abbreviation from the categorised pulldown menu. For journals, it is also possible to add another journal abbreviation, if you published your paper in a journal that is not in the list. If the paper has been published, the pulldown Status field should be set as such and then you can edit the relevant publication fields such as year, volume and page numbers.


In the bottom frame of the References tab, you can add information about the software you used in your study. You can add or remove software types and add vendor information such as who wrote the software, their address and web site. There is also a multi-select widget to edit multiple tasks that the software can perform (which can be used in a similar way as for the author widget used for citations). One thing to bear in mind is that for software linked to measurement lists and structure generations in later tabs. It is necessary to add a type of method such as torsion angle dynamics, restrained molecular dynamics, assignment or peak picking. This is because of the links that are used in the CCPN data model.

The References tab.

You can add citations in the top frame and software in the bottom frame.