PDBe 5n7g

X-ray diffraction
2.95Å resolution

MAGI-1 complexed with a synthetic pRSK1 peptide


Function and Biology Details

Reaction catalysed:
ATP + a protein = ADP + a phosphoprotein
Biochemical function:
Biological process:
Cellular component:

Structure analysis Details

Assemblies composition:
hetero dimer (preferred)
Entry contents:
2 distinct polypeptide molecules
Macromolecules (2 distinct):
Annexin A2; Membrane-associated guanylate kinase, WW and PDZ domain-containing protein 1 Chains: A, B
Molecule details ›
Chains: A, B
Length: 427 amino acids
Theoretical weight: 48.1 KDa
Source organism: Homo sapiens
Expression system: Escherichia coli
  • Canonical: P07355 (Residues: 22-339; Coverage: 94%)
  • Canonical: Q96QZ7 (Residues: 455-558; Coverage: 7%)
  • nullnull
Gene names: AIP3, ANX2, ANX2L4, ANXA2, BAIAP1, BAP1, CAL1H, LPC2D, MAGI1, TNRC19
Sequence domains:
Ribosomal protein S6 kinase alpha-1 Chain: C
Molecule details ›
Chain: C
Length: 7 amino acids
Theoretical weight: 840 Da
Source organism: Homo sapiens
Expression system: Not provided
  • Canonical: Q15418 (Residues: 729-735; Coverage: 1%)
Gene names: MAPKAPK1A, RPS6KA1, RSK1

Ligands and Environments

2 bound ligands:

1 modified residue:

Experiments and Validation Details

Entry percentile scores
X-ray source: SLS BEAMLINE X06DA
Spacegroup: C2
Unit cell:
a: 194.93Å b: 60.23Å c: 99.35Å
α: 90° β: 98.69° γ: 90°
R R work R free
0.213 0.21 0.264
Expression systems:
  • Escherichia coli
  • Not provided