Function and Biology

Refinement of P99 beta-lactamase from Enterobacter cloacae

Source organism: Enterobacter cloacae
Biochemical function: beta-lactamase activity
Biological process: response to antibiotic
Cellular component: periplasmic space

EC Beta-lactamase

Reaction catalysed:
A beta-lactam + H(2)O = a substituted beta-amino acid.
  • Zinc is only requires in class-B enzymes.
  • A group of enzymes of varying specificity hydrolyzing beta-lactams; some act more rapidly on penicillins, some more rapidly on cephalosporins.
  • Formerly EC
Systematic name:
Beta-lactam hydrolase
Alternative Name(s):
  • Beta-lactamase A, B, C
  • Beta-lactamase AME I
  • Beta-lactamase I-III
  • Ampicillinase
  • Cephalosporin-beta-lactamase
  • Cephalosporinase
  • Exopenicillinase
  • Neutrapen
  • Penicillin beta-lactamase
  • Penicillin amido-beta-lactamhydrolase
  • Penicillinase
  • Penicillinase I, II

GO terms

Biochemical function:
Biological process:
Cellular component:

Sequence family

Pfam Protein family (Pfam)
Domain description: Beta-lactamase
Occurring in:
  1. Beta-lactamase
1 copy of Pfam domain PF00144 (Beta-lactamase) in Beta-lactamase in PDB 1xx2.

InterPro InterPro annotations
Domain description: Beta-lactamase/transpeptidase-like
Occurring in:
  1. Beta-lactamase
Domain description: Beta-lactamase-related
Occurring in:
  1. Beta-lactamase
Domain description: Beta-lactamase, class-C active site
Occurring in:
  1. Beta-lactamase

Structure domain

CATH CATH domain
Class: Alpha Beta
Architecture: 3-Layer(aba) Sandwich
Topology: Beta-lactamase
Homology: DD-peptidase/beta-lactamase superfamily
Occurring in:
  1. Beta-lactamase
1 copy of CATH domain 3.40.710.10 (Beta-lactamase) in Beta-lactamase in PDB 1xx2.
SCOP SCOP annotation
Class: Multi-domain proteins (alpha and beta)
Fold: beta-lactamase/transpeptidase-like
Superfamily: beta-lactamase/transpeptidase-like
Occurring in:
  1. Beta-lactamase
1 copy of SCOP domain 56602 (beta-Lactamase/D-ala carboxypeptidase) in Beta-lactamase in PDB 1xx2.