Single particle reconstruction
25Å resolution

Cryo-EM structure of the contracted bacteriophage T4 tail containing the collar and whiskers made of fibritin molecules.

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Overview of EMD-5528
Source organism: Enterobacteria phage T4 [10665]
Fitted atomic model: 3j2o
Primary publication:
The molecular architecture of the bacteriophage T4 neck.
Fokine A, Zhang Z, Kanamaru S, Bowman VD, Aksyuk AA, Arisaka F, Rao VB, Rossmann MG
J.MOL.BIOL. 425 1731-1744 (2013)
PMID: 23434847

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: bacteriophage T4
Virus: Enterobacteria phage T4

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 25Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.5
Applied symmetry: C6
Reconstruction software: EMAN
Microscope: FEI/PHILIPS CM200FEG
Detector: KODAK SO-163 FILM