Single particle reconstruction
25Å resolution

Electron cryo-microscopy of ABC BmrA in 13-fold symmetry rings

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Overview of EMD-5526
Source organism: Bacillus subtilis [1423]
Related EM entry by publication: EMD-5525
Primary publication:
3D Cryo-Electron Reconstruction of BmrA, a Bacterial Multidrug ABC Transporter in an Inward-Facing Conformation and in a Lipidic Environment.
Fribourg PF, Chami M, Sorzano CO, Gubellini F, Marabini R, Marco S, Jault JM, Levy D
J.MOL.BIOL. 426 2059-2069 (2014)
PMID: 24630999

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: BmrA reconstituted at high density into lipid bilayer.
Protein: BmrA

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 25Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.5
Applied symmetry: D13
Reconstruction software: Xmipp
Microscope: FEI/PHILIPS CM200FEG
Detector: KODAK SO-163 FILM