Helical reconstruction
7.9Å resolution

Improved Reconstruction of the Human Ndc80 Bonsai Decorated Microtubule

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Overview of EMD-5489
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Primary publication:
Multimodal microtubule binding by the Ndc80 kinetochore complex.
Alushin GM, Musinipally V, Matson D, Tooley J, Stukenberg PT, Nogales E
NAT.STRUCT.MOL.BIOL. 19 1161-1167 (2012)
PMID: 23085714

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Human Ndc80 bonsai complex bound to the microtubule
Proteins: tubulin, Ndc80-Spc25 Chimera, Nuf2-Spc24 Chimera

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 7.9Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.143
Reconstruction software: EMAN2/SPARX, FREALIGN
Microscope: FEI TECNAI F20
Detector: KODAK SO-163 FILM