Tomographic reconstruction

Cryo electron tomography of sensory cilia in normal and diseased retinas

Map released:
Overview of EMD-5477
Source organism: Mus musculus [10090]
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Primary publication:
Three-dimensional architecture of the rod sensory cilium and its disruption in retinal neurodegeneration.
Gilliam JC, Chang JT, Sandoval IM, Zhang Y, Li T, Pittler SJ, Chiu W, Wensel TG
CELL(CAMBRIDGE,MASS.) 151 1029-1041 (2012)
PMID: 23178122

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Wild type mouse photoreceptor primary cilium
Cellular component: Photoreceptor primary cilium

Experimental Information Details

Reconstruction software: IMOD
Microscope: JEOL 2100