Single particle reconstruction
6.5Å resolution

Cryo-electron microscopic reconstruction of wild rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus

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Overview of EMD-5410
Source organism: Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus [11976]
Fitted atomic model: 3j1p
Primary publication:
Atomic model of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus by cryo-electron microscopy and crystallography.
Wang X, Xu F, Liu J, Gao B, Liu Y, Zhai Y, Ma J, Zhang K, Baker TS, Schulten K, Zheng D, Pang H, Sun F
PLOS PATHOG. 9 e1003132-e1003132 (2013)
PMID: 23341770

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Wild Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (strain HYD)
Virus: Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 6.5Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.5
Applied symmetry: I
Reconstruction software: EMAN1.9, Spider
Detector: GATAN ULTRASCAN 4000 (4k x 4k)