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Map released: 2014-02-05
Last modified: 2014-09-10

Cryo-EM of the Sec61-complex bound to an 80S-RNC engaged with a translocating LepT chain

Single particle reconstruction
7.4Å resolution
Overview of EMD-2511
Sample name: Canis familiaris Sec61 bound to a wheat germ 80S-RNC translating the translocating LepT-polypeptide
Organisms: Canis lupus familiaris, Triticum aestivum
Fitted atomic model: 4cg5
Related EM entry by publication: EMD-2510, EMD-2512

Map parameters

Minimum density: -0.649
Maximum density: 1.033
Average density: 0.007
Standard deviation: 0.062
Recommended contour level: 0.10 (author)