Single particle reconstruction
40Å resolution

Negative stain EM structure of the PTC3 holotoxin complex (TcdA1, TcdB2, TccC3) in pore state

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Overview of EMD-2300
Source organism: Photorhabdus luminescens [29488]
Related EM entries by publication: EMD-2297, EMD-2298, EMD-2299, EMD-2301
Primary publication:
A syringe-like injection mechanism in Photorhabdus luminescens toxins.
Gatsogiannis C, Lang AE, Meusch D, Pfaumann V, Hofnagel O, Benz R, Aktories K, Raunser S
NATURE 495 520-523 (2013)
PMID: 23515159

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: PTC3 (TcdA1, TcdB2, TccC3)
Proteins: TcdA1, TcdB2, TccC3

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 40Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.5
Applied symmetry: C5
Reconstruction software: Sparx
Microscope: JEOL 1400
Detector: TVIPS TEMCAM-F416 (4k x 4k)