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Title:Regulation of mammalian transcription by Gdown1 through a novel steric crosstalk revealed by cryo-EM
Authors:Wu YM, Chang JW, Wang CH, Lin YC, Wu PL, Huang SH, Chang CC, Hu X, Gnatt A, Chang WH
Sample:Bovine RNA polymerase II with Gdown1
Method:Single particle reconstruction (19 angstroms resolution)
Map information (compressed: 13MB;  uncompressed: 12.6MB)
Map data type:Image stored as Reals (mode=2)
Map axis order:XYZ
Dimensions (voxels):149149149
Voxel spacing:1.90 Å1.90 Å1.90 Å
Map extent:283.1 Å283.1 Å283.1 Å
Origin (voxels):000
Map statistics:
MinimumMaximumAverageStandard deviation
-0.00 0.01 -0.00 0.00 
Recommended contour level:0.0022   (source: emdb)