CCP4 Coordinate Library Project

RWBROOK interface functions: System Initialization/Deinitialization.



subroutine XYZInit

Prior to everything, the RWBROOK interface must be initialized. The best way to do that is to place the following call:

call XYZInit

somewhere on the top of your application.

NOTE 1: without initialization RWBROOK will not function.
NOTE 2: RWBROOK may be initialized only once. Repeated initialization will cause memory fault.


subroutine XYZQuit

Correct use of the interface assumes that it will be deinitialized before an application quits. Simply issue the following call:

call XYZQuit

before every STOP operator in your program.

All classes in the Library are self-disposable, which means that the operating system should be able to dispose them properly after your application quits. Therefore use of XYZQuit is recommended only for "extra" correctness. It will also purge all open output files on disk if you occasionally forgot to close them properly.

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