wwPDB news: ORCIDs To Become Mandatory for OneDep Contact Authors

wwPDB news item image
27 June 2018

The wwPDB is making an important change to the data we collect from users at deposition in the OneDep system. Please see the following announcement from the wwPDB:

"The wwPDB OneDep system for deposition, validation and biocuration will require contact authors to provide their unique ORCID identifiers when preparing depositions later this summer. This change will enable wwPDB efforts to correctly attribute PDB structures to contact authors. At a later point, ORCID will be used to authenticate and reorganize access to deposition data within OneDep."

In short, this will ensure that there is a specific identifier linking depositors to their PDB structures. This will help all PDB users to find the structures related to an individual, while also enabling us in the future to provide easier authentication to OneDep depositions for associated authors.

If you have any comments or queries regarding this change, please write to us at deposit-help@mail.wwpdb.org