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Robot next to protein dimer

13th March

In determining a structure, its easy to be persuaded by what seem to be novel and exciting results. Santiago Martínez-Lumbreras and Rivka Isaacson from King's College London provide a cautionary tale of listening carefully to what the data are actually saying.




New Delhi, India
26 Mar 2018 to 30 Mar 2018

University of Warwick
27 Mar 2018 to 29 Mar 2018

Boston, US
28 Mar 2018 to 30 Mar 2018


Smart OS, Horský V, Gore S, Svobodová Vařeková R, Bendová V, Kleywegt GJ, Velankar S.
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Lensink MF, Velankar S, Baek M, Heo L, Seok C, Wodak SJ.
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