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spacer Crystal structure of the RRM domain of RNA helicase HERA from T. thermophilus in complex with GGGC RNA
Header HYDROLASE/RNAsearch
Experiment Resolution: 2.33 Å, R-factor: 17.94%, Free R-factor: 23.38%, Spacegroup: P 61
Released 24/04/2013, deposition: 29/11/2012, last revision: 17/07/2013
Authors Rudolph, M.G.search; Klostermeier, D.search
Primary citation Recognition of two distinct elements in the RNA substrate by the RNA-binding domain of the T. thermophilus DEAD box helicase Hera.
NUCLEIC ACIDS RES.search vol:41, pag:6259-6272 (2013) [PubMed 23625962 ]search
Keywords unwindingsearch, ATPasesearch, heat resistantsearch, RNA recognition motifsearch, RNA bindingsearch, HYDROLASE-RNA complexsearch
EC ExPASy BRENDA search (A)
Organism Thermus thermophilus 274search(A)
UniProt Q72GF3search (A)
Solvent A, B
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Chain Id Name Type UniProt Residues in sample sequence % of sample sequence observed
A Heat resistant RNA dependent ATPase Protein Q72GF3 (Q72GF3_THET2)search
87 87%
B 5'-R(P*GP*GP*GP*(RPC))-3' RNA
4 100%