spacer Legionella pneumophila NTPDase1 crystal form II (closed) in complex with MG AND THIAMINE PHOSPHOVANADATE
EDS summary (view at EDS site)
Original refinement program REFMAC 5.7.0029
Resolution from map calculation 1.69 - 29.03 Å
R value for map 0.165
Completeness of data 98.9 %
Number of reflections 80259 (81121 in original CIF file)
Yeates <|L|> 0.496
Yeates <L^2> 0.327
Wilson plot B-factor 18.2 Å2
Bulk-solvent scale factor (k) 0.372 e/Å3
Bulk-solvent B-factor 19.7 Å2
Mean (st. dev.) values for non-water residues:
Real-space R-value 0.090 (0.046)
Real-space correlation coefficient 0.954 (0.042)
Occupancy-weighted average temperature factor 18.0 (7.9) Å2

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