spacer Crystal structure of MEK1 in complex with fragment 3
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Title The Use of Virtual Screening and Differential Scanning Fluorimetry for the Rapid Identification of Fragments Active Against Mek1.
Authors Amaning,; Lowinski,; Vallee,; Steier,; Marcireau,; Ugolini,; Delorme,; Foucalt,; Mccort,; Derimay,; Andouche,; Vougier,; Llopart,; Halland,; Rak,
Journal vol:23, pag:3620 (2013), Identifiers: PubMed ID (23648182)search DOI (10.1016/j.bmcl.2013.04.003)
Abstract We report the analysis of an in-house fragment screening campaign for the oncology target MEK1. The application of virtual screening (VS) as a primary fragment screening approach, followed by biophysical validation using differential screening fluorimetry (DSF), with resultant binding mode determination by X-ray crystallography (X-ray), is presented as the most time and cost-effective combination of in silico and in vitro methods to identify fragments. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the VS-DSF workflow for the early identification of fragments to both 'jump-start' the drug discovery project and to complement biochemical screening data.
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