spacer HLA-DR1 bound with CLIP peptide
Accession P01903search
Keywords Endoplasmic reticulum, Direct protein sequencing, MHC II, Transmembrane helix, Glycoprotein, Golgi apparatus, Immunity, Ubl conjugation, Signal, Isopeptide bond, Lysosome, Complete proteome, Polymorphism, 3D-structure, Membrane, Disulfide bond, Cell membrane, Transmembrane, Endosome, Reference proteome
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Accession P04229search
Name 2B11_HUMAN
Keywords Signal, Direct protein sequencing, Immunity, Lysosome, Glycoprotein, Endosome, Transmembrane helix, Golgi apparatus, Transmembrane, MHC II, 3D-structure, Reference proteome, Polymorphism, Complete proteome, Cell membrane, Isopeptide bond, Ubl conjugation, Membrane, Endoplasmic reticulum, Disulfide bond
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Accession P04233search
Keywords Chaperone, Proteoglycan, Phosphoprotein, Glycoprotein, Reference proteome, Lysosome, Transmembrane, Signal-anchor, Adaptive immunity, Complete proteome, Endosome, Transmembrane helix, Direct protein sequencing, Endoplasmic reticulum, 3D-structure, Cell membrane, Immunity, Disulfide bond, Golgi apparatus, Membrane, Alternative splicing
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