spacer Crystal structure of the N114Q mutant of ABL-SH3 domain complexed with a designed high-affinity peptide ligand: implications for SH3-ligand interactions
Accession P00519search
Keywords Mitochondrion, ATP-binding, Cell adhesion, SH2 domain, Chromosomal rearrangement, Proto-oncogene, Polymorphism, Ubl conjugation, DNA-binding, Tyrosine-protein kinase, Endocytosis, Manganese, DNA repair, Metal-binding, Cytoskeleton, Acetylation, Complete proteome, Transferase, Lipoprotein, Phosphoprotein, SH3 domain, Kinase, Nucleus, DNA damage, Nucleotide-binding, Myristate, Cytoplasm, 3D-structure, Membrane, Magnesium, Reference proteome, Alternative splicing, Apoptosis, Autophagy
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Enzyme nomenclature
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Polymers A, B
Name non-specific protein-tyrosine kinase
Comment Unlike EC, receptor protein-tyrosine kinase, this protein-tyrosine kinase does not have a transmembrane domain. In the human genome, 32 non-specific protein-tyrosine kinases have been identified and these can be divided into ten families.