spacer Functional architecture of the retromer cargo-recognition complex
EDS summary (view at EDS site)
Original refinement program CNS
Resolution from map calculation 2.80 - 94.80 Å
R value for map 0.235
Completeness of data 98.8 %
Number of reflections 29873 (30243 in original CIF file)
Yeates <|L|> 0.508
Yeates <L^2> 0.341
Wilson plot B-factor 65.3 Å2
Bulk-solvent scale factor (k) 0.303 e/Å3
Bulk-solvent B-factor 26.5 Å2
Mean (st. dev.) values for non-water residues:
Real-space R-value 0.190 (0.060)
Real-space correlation coefficient 0.932 (0.053)
Occupancy-weighted average temperature factor 54.5 (17.8) Å2

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