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Crystal structure of native, unliganded human arginase at 1.90 resolution

The structure was published by Di Costanzo, L., Pique, M.E., and Christianson, D.W., in 2007 in a paper entitled "Crystal structure of human arginase I complexed with thiosemicarbazide reveals an unusual thiocarbonyl mu-sulfide ligand in the binuclear manganese cluster." (abstract).

This crystal structure was determined using X-ray diffraction at a resolution of 1.9 Å and deposited in 2007.

The experimental data on which the structure is based was also deposited.

This PDB entry contains multiple copies of the structure of Arginase-1.

It also contains one or more heterogenic compounds (e.g., ligands, co-factors, ions, modified amino acids, etc.); see here for a complete list.

The molecule has more than one probable quaternary state observed. For more details see the quaternary structure page.

The following tables show cross-reference information to other databases (to obtain a list of all PDB entries sharing the same property or classification, click on the magnifying glass icon):

Chain Name UniProt Name of source organism % of UniProt sequence present in the sample Residues in the sample molecules % of residues observed
A Arginase-1 P05089 (1-322) (ARGI1_HUMAN)search Homo sapienssearch 98% 322 97%
B Arginase-1 P05089 (1-322) (ARGI1_HUMAN)search Homo sapienssearch 98% 322 97%

This entry contains 1 unique UniProt protein:

UniProt accession Name Organism PDB
P05089 (1 - 322) Arginase-1 Homo sapiens

Chain Structural classification (SCOP) Structural classification (CATH) Sequence family (Pfam)
A, B (P05089) Arginase-like amidino hydrolasessearch Arginase; Chain Asearch PF00491: Arginase familysearch

Chain ID Molecular function (GO) Biological process (GO) Cellular component (GO)
A, B (P05089) metal ion bindingsearch arginase activitysearch hydrolase activitysearch manganese ion bindingsearch hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds, in linear amidinessearch response to axon injurysearch response to vitamin Asearch maternal process involved in female pregnancysearch cellular response to dexamethasone stimulussearch response to amino acidsearch cellular response to transforming growth factor beta stimulussearch response to herbicidesearch response to manganese ionsearch cellular nitrogen compound metabolic processsearch liver developmentsearch cellular response to lipopolysaccharidesearch response to selenium ionsearch urea cyclesearch arginine catabolic processsearch response to peptide hormonesearch response to steroid hormonesearch protein homotrimerizationsearch female pregnancysearch response to woundingsearch response to methylmercurysearch collagen biosynthetic processsearch cellular response to interleukin-4search mammary gland involutionsearch response to zinc ionsearch small molecule metabolic processsearch cellular response to hydrogen peroxidesearch response to cadmium ionsearch arginine metabolic processsearch positive regulation of endothelial cell proliferationsearch regulation of L-arginine importsearch cellular response to glucagon stimulussearch response to lipopolysaccharidesearch lung developmentsearch response to vitamin Esearch response to aminesearch response to drugsearch cytoplasmsearch extracellular vesicular exosomesearch extracellular spacesearch neuronal cell bodysearch neuron projectionsearch nucleussearch cytosolsearch

Chain InterPro annotation
A, B Ureohydrolasesearch Arginasesearch Ureohydrolase, manganese-binding sitesearch Ureohydrolase domainsearch