1vri Summary


Entry 1vri has release status REL which means entry released.

This entry is a theoretical model and is available in the ftp area. wwPDB no longer accepts theoretical models.

The title of the entry is 'Bacteriophage phi-29 connector array. This file is one of three representing the entire carpet. This file, 1vri, includes the upper 5 monomers the other two files, 1ywe and 1vrj, contain the lower 5 and right 3 monomers respectively.'.

The authors are Guo, Y.Y., Blocker, F., Xiao, F., Guo, P..

The experimental method for this entry is THEORETICAL MODEL.

The entry was deposited on 11/04/2005 and its entry status information was last revised on 20/09/2005.