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Crystal structure of beta-catenin/ICAT helical domain/unphosphorylated APC R3

The structure was published by Ha, N.-C., Tonozuka, T., Stamos, J.L., Choi, H.J., and Weis, W.I., in 2004 in a paper entitled "Mechanism of phosphorylation-dependent binding of APC to beta-catenin and its role in beta-catenin degradation" (abstract).

This crystal structure was determined using X-ray diffraction at a resolution of 2.1 Å and deposited in 2004.

The experimental data on which the structure is based was also deposited.

This PDB entry contains a complex of 3 biomacromolecules, namely Beta-catenin, Beta-catenin-interacting protein 1, and Adenomatous polyposis coli protein.

The molecule most likely forms heterotrimers.

The following tables show cross-reference information to other databases (to obtain a list of all PDB entries sharing the same property or classification, click on the magnifying glass icon):

Chain Name UniProt Name of source organism % of UniProt sequence present in the sample Residues in the sample molecules % of residues observed
A Beta-catenin P35222 (146-664) (CTNB1_HUMAN)search Homo sapienssearch < 90% 519 98%
B Beta-catenin-interacting protein 1 Q9NSA3 (8-53) (CNBP1_HUMAN)search Homo sapienssearch 93% 46 100%
C Adenomatous polyposis coli protein P25054 (1484-1498) (APC_HUMAN)search Homo sapienssearch < 90% 15 100%

This entry contains 3 unique UniProt proteins:

UniProt accession Name Organism PDB
P35222 (146 - 664) Beta-catenin Homo sapiens
Q9NSA3 (8 - 53) Beta-catenin-interacting protein 1 Homo sapiens
P25054 (1484 - 1498) Adenomatous polyposis coli protein Homo sapiens

Chain Structural classification (SCOP) Structural classification (CATH) Sequence family (Pfam)
A Armadillo repeatsearch Leucine-rich Repeat Variantsearch Armadillo/beta-catenin-like repeatsearch
B (Q9NSA3) beta-catenin-interacting protein ICATsearch beta-catenin-interacting protein ICAT, Chain B, ?????domain1search PF06384: Beta-catenin-interacting protein ICATsearch
C APC cysteine-rich regionsearch

Chain ID Molecular function (GO)
B (Q9NSA3) beta-catenin bindingsearch

Chain InterPro annotation
A Armadillosearch Armadillo-like helicalsearch Beta-cateninsearch Armadillo-type foldsearch
B Beta-catenin-interacting ICATsearch