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spacer HLA-DR1 complexed with a 16 residue HIV capsid peptide bound in a hairpin conformation
Header IMMUNE SYSTEMsearch
Experiment Resolution: 2.45 Å, R-factor: 19.8%, Free R-factor: 22.3%, Spacegroup: H 3
Released 17/08/2004, deposition: 03/03/2004, last revision: 24/02/2009
Authors Zavala-Ruiz, Z.search; Strug, I.search; Walker, B.D.search; Norris, P.J.search; Stern, L.J.search
Primary citation A hairpin turn in a class II MHC-bound peptide orients residues outside the binding groove for T cell recognition.
PROC.NATL.ACAD.SCI.USAsearch vol:101, pag:13279-13284 (2004) [PubMed 15331779 ]search
Keywords MHC class IIsearch, Major histocompatibility protein complexsearch, HLA-DR1search, HIV-1search, capsidsearch, Superantigensearch, Antigensearch, gagsearch, IMMUNE SYSTEMsearch
Organism Homo sapiens(human) 9606search(A B),Staphylococcus aureus 1280search(D)
UniProt P01903search (A)
P04229search (B)
P12495search (C)
P0A0L5search (D)
Solvent A, B, C, D
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Chain Id Name Type UniProt Residues in sample sequence % of sample sequence observed
A HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR alpha chain Protein P01903 (DRA_HUMAN)search
180 100%
B HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DRB1-1 beta chain Protein P04229 (2B11_HUMAN)search
190 100%
C GAG polyprotein Protein P12495 (GAG_HV1Z2)search
16 93%
D Enterotoxin type C-3 Protein P0A0L5 (ENTC3_STAAU)search
239 97%