spacer Crystal Structure of Lactococcus lactis Formamido-pyrimidine DNA Glycosylase (alias Fpg or MutM) Non Covalently Bound to an AP Site Containing DNA.
EDS summary (view at EDS site)
Original refinement program CNS 1.0
Resolution from map calculation 2.55 - 24.56 Å
R value for map 0.256
Completeness of data 98.8 %
Number of reflections 21888 (21888 in original CIF file)
Yeates <|L|> 0.474
Yeates <L^2> 0.301
Wilson plot B-factor 56.8 Å2
Bulk-solvent scale factor (k) 0.327 e/Å3
Bulk-solvent B-factor 23.5 Å2
Mean (st. dev.) values for non-water residues:
Real-space R-value 0.203 (0.063)
Real-space correlation coefficient 0.877 (0.086)
Occupancy-weighted average temperature factor 40.1 (14.4) Å2

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