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The structure was published by Mott, H.R., Owen, D., Nietlispach, D., et al., Manser, E., Lim, L., and Laue, E.D., in 1999 in a paper entitled "Structure of the small G protein Cdc42 bound to the GTPase-binding domain of ACK." (abstract).

The structure was determined using NMR spectroscopy and deposited in 1999.

The experimental data on which the structure is based was not deposited.

This PDB entry contains a complex of 2 biomacromolecules, namely PROTEIN (CDC42 HOMOLOG) and PROTEIN (ACTIVATED P21CDC42HS KINASE).

It also contains one or more heterogenic compounds (e.g., ligands, co-factors, ions, modified amino acids, etc.); see here for a complete list.

The molecule most likely forms heterodimers.

The following tables show cross-reference information to other databases (to obtain a list of all PDB entries sharing the same property or classification, click on the magnifying glass icon):

Chain Name UniProt Name of source organism % of UniProt sequence present in the sample Residues in the sample molecules % of residues observed
A PROTEIN (CDC42 HOMOLOG) P60953 (1-184) (CDC42_HUMAN)search Homo sapienssearch 92% 184 100%
B PROTEIN (ACTIVATED P21CDC42HS KINASE) Q07912 (448-489) (ACK1_HUMAN)search Homo sapienssearch < 90% 44 100%

This entry contains 2 unique UniProt proteins:

UniProt accession Name Organism PDB
P60953 (1 - 184) PROTEIN (CDC42 HOMOLOG) Homo sapiens
Q07912 (448 - 489) PROTEIN (ACTIVATED P21CDC42HS KINASE) Homo sapiens

Chain Structural classification (SCOP) Structural classification (CATH) Sequence family (Pfam)
A (P60953) G proteinssearch P-loop containing nucleotide triphosphate hydrolasessearch PF00071: Ras familysearch
B Activated P21cdc42hs Kinase; Chain Bsearch GTPase bindingsearch

Chain ID Molecular function (GO) Biological process (GO) Cellular component (GO)
A (P60953) protein bindingsearch protein kinase bindingsearch GTPase activitysearch GTP-dependent protein bindingsearch GTP bindingsearch mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase bindingsearch identical protein bindingsearch nucleotide bindingsearch apolipoprotein A-I receptor bindingsearch thioesterase bindingsearch regulation of protein heterodimerization activitysearch negative regulation of gene expressionsearch epithelial-mesenchymal cell signalingsearch Fc-gamma receptor signaling pathway involved in phagocytosissearch positive regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activitysearch nucleus localizationsearch actin filament organizationsearch innate immune responsesearch nuclear migrationsearch Golgi organizationsearch positive regulation of intracellular protein transportsearch positive regulation of metalloenzyme activitysearch blood coagulationsearch T cell costimulationsearch positive regulation of synapse structural plasticitysearch multicellular organism growthsearch cardiac conduction system developmentsearch positive regulation of muscle cell differentiationsearch positive regulation of MAPK cascadesearch establishment of Golgi localizationsearch neuron fate determinationsearch regulation of attachment of spindle microtubules to kinetochoresearch regulation of small GTPase mediated signal transductionsearch canonical Wnt signaling pathwaysearch positive regulation of peptidyl-serine phosphorylationsearch positive regulation of JNK cascadesearch nervous system developmentsearch small GTPase mediated signal transductionsearch regulation of filopodium assemblysearch epithelial cell-cell adhesionsearch epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathwaysearch regulation of protein metabolic processsearch establishment or maintenance of apical/basal cell polaritysearch positive regulation of cytokinesissearch actin filament bundle assemblysearch actin cytoskeleton organizationsearch substantia nigra developmentsearch organelle transport along microtubulesearch cell differentiationsearch cellular protein localizationsearch regulation of protein catabolic processsearch regulation of protein kinase activitysearch keratinocyte developmentsearch axon guidancesearch regulation of mitosissearch positive regulation of gene expressionsearch macrophage differentiationsearch positive regulation of neuron apoptotic processsearch positive regulation of hair follicle cell proliferationsearch positive regulation of protein phosphorylationsearch muscle cell differentiationsearch epidermis morphogenesissearch positive regulation of pseudopodium assemblysearch submandibular salivary gland formationsearch GTP catabolic processsearch keratinizationsearch hair follicle morphogenesissearch sprouting angiogenesissearch hair follicle placode formationsearch positive regulation of DNA replicationsearch negative regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathwaysearch adherens junction organizationsearch heart contractionsearch actin filament branchingsearch regulation of protein stabilitysearch positive regulation of substrate adhesion-dependent cell spreadingsearch establishment or maintenance of cell polaritysearch dendritic cell migrationsearch filopodium assemblysearch negative regulation of protein complex assemblysearch signal transductionsearch protein transportsearch cytosolsearch spindlesearch midbodysearch extracellular vesicular exosomesearch cytoplasmsearch plasma membranesearch cytoskeletonsearch cell-cell junctionsearch cytoplasmic ribonucleoprotein granulesearch Golgi membranesearch apical part of cellsearch spindle midzonesearch focal adhesionsearch microtubule organizing centersearch neuronal cell bodysearch cell peripherysearch mitotic spindlesearch secretory granulesearch neuron projectionsearch membranesearch leading edge membranesearch filopodiumsearch cell projectionsearch intracellularsearch

Chain InterPro annotation
A Small GTPase superfamilysearch Small GTPase superfamily, Rho typesearch Small GTP-binding protein domainsearch P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolasesearch
B Cdc42 binding domain likesearch