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 Molecule : SRO    

Bonds between two atoms of the molecule

Total Number of Bonds: 26

Record First Atom Second Atom First Element Second Element Bond Order Type Bond Length Bond Stereochemistry Is Aromatic
1 OH CZ3 O C sing 1.3600037 N N
2 OH HOH O H sing 0.96741617 N N
3 CZ3 CE3 C C doub 1.3804039 N Y
4 CZ3 CH2 C C sing 1.3931956 N Y
5 CH2 CZ2 C C doub 1.3763088 N Y
6 CH2 HH2 C H sing 1.0801277 N N
7 CZ2 CE2 C C sing 1.3914205 N Y
8 CZ2 HZ2 C H sing 1.0801528 N N
9 CE2 NE1 C N sing 1.3785993 N Y
10 CE2 CD2 C C doub 1.4066179 N Y
11 NE1 CD1 N C sing 1.3683366 N Y
12 NE1 HNE1 N H sing 0.9696288 N N
13 CD1 CG C C doub 1.3422165 N Y
14 CD1 HD1 C H sing 1.0807859 N N
15 CG CB C C sing 1.5065149 N N
16 CG CD2 C C sing 1.4650618 N Y
17 CD2 CE3 C C sing 1.3966525 N Y
18 CE3 HE3 C H sing 1.0794563 N N
19 CB CA C C sing 1.5297905 N N
20 CB HB1 C H sing 1.0902615 N N
21 CB HB2 C H sing 1.0904357 N N
22 CA NZ C N sing 1.4692478 N N
23 CA HA1 C H sing 1.089805 N N
24 CA HA2 C H sing 1.0900954 N N
25 NZ HNZ1 N H sing 1.0092423 N N
26 NZ HNZ2 N H sing 1.0088131 N N