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PDBeChem : Chemical Bonds

 Molecule : 50Q    

Bonds between two atoms of the molecule

Total Number of Bonds: 26

Record First Atom Second Atom First Element Second Element Bond Order Type Bond Length Bond Stereochemistry Is Aromatic
1 C10 C09 C C sing 1.3812144 N Y
2 C10 C11 C C doub 1.3839704 N Y
3 C13 C15 C C doub 1.3819726 N Y
4 C13 C11 C C sing 1.3849553 N Y
5 C13 CL5 C CL sing 1.7361299 N N
6 C15 C16 C C sing 1.3870865 N Y
7 O01 C02 O C sing 1.3592615 N N
8 C02 C03 C C doub 1.3868771 N Y
9 C02 C19 C C sing 1.3868619 N Y
10 C03 C04 C C sing 1.3871517 N Y
11 C04 O05 C O sing 1.3590482 N N
12 C04 C06 C C doub 1.3864206 N Y
13 C06 C18 C C sing 1.3867433 N Y
14 C09 C16 C C doub 1.3873056 N Y
15 C11 CL6 C CL sing 1.736093 N N
16 C16 O17 C O sing 1.359309 N N
17 O17 C18 O C sing 1.3592038 N N
18 C18 C19 C C doub 1.3867693 N Y
19 C10 H10 C H sing 1.0799652 N N
20 C09 H09 C H sing 1.0794799 N N
21 C15 H15 C H sing 1.080417 N N
22 O01 H01 O H sing 0.9672792 N N
23 C03 H03 C H sing 1.0796801 N N
24 C19 H19 C H sing 1.0798843 N N
25 O05 H05 O H sing 0.966835 N N
26 C06 H06 C H sing 1.0805434 N N